I get to sleep with a #cat tonight #bedbuddy #Sawyer (at Siegel House) 1
Daddy Chuck wooing the ladies with that magical #brass. @peaceoferica @LydiaSexMachine #tuba (at Siegel House) 1
Twinzies! #WindowsPhone7 #HTCArrive 0
#trifecta #skabeer #rudebrew #dudes #beard #BEER #NattyBoh #Hamms #PBR #HammsBlueBoh  (at Power Practice Palace Of The Sick Tight Nasty Nasty) 1

    I’m watching 2014 Pro Bowl

“Where’s Tom Brady at? Is someone too good for the Pro Bowl? Is he too busy wiping his wife’s pussy?”

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Of all the people I’ve ever personally know, only two have died. My grandfather when I was 10 years old was one. I was too young and immature to understand the full impact of it. And a 15 year old kid who’s house I would hang out at with his sister and other friends. I cried briefly at his funeral. Now my mom is dying. She’s gonna be the third. I think this is gonna suck way, way more than the others.

#RiceKrispies party (at Wellspan Health Center) 1
Sawyer #kittyface #cat (at Siegel House) 0
I got these turkey burgers for $2 at the grocery store. The cooking instructions called for the application of cooking spray to your cookware. The thing about turkey burger (which everyone probably knows) is that it’s way leaner than regular burger; it doesn’t have the fat content to keep it from sticking to your pan/skillet/grill. I don’t keep any of that cooking spray shit around so I devised a solution. Fryed up some bacon and there I had it, a fat coated, greased up griddle, perfect for cooking lean meat. The bacon fat probably negated the whole “healthiness” of turkey burgers. Whatever. Bacon trumps all meat. 3
Such a majestic, snowy #ashtray (at Power Practice Palace Of The Sick Tight Nasty Nasty) 0

Back in 2005-2006 my friend/co-worker, Josh Sunday, and I used to play a game in which we would quiz one another by singing “whoa-oh” parts of Coheed & Cambria songs and making each other guess which song they were from

Alex fills in on #minibone for the song “Wonton Disregard” for tonight’s practice #ska #heforgothissexaphone 0
It’s glorious #victorybeer #RAVENS  (at Spargos/Two Doors Down) 0

    I’m watching Baltimore Ravens

“Joey and the boys are lookin way good today! Gotta get this win!”

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I love quad-octave jumping

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