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BEHOLD! The ‘Human Beast’ demo by #PRIMATIVES in its FINAL FORM! Come get one at our next show this saturday at Timeline Arcade! @SayImScum 1
What am i even doing with my life? (besides buying #avocados in the middle of the night) 0
#HanoverChiliCookoff #selfie 1
You wanna see dedication? Practicing at 10am before the chili cookoff cos it’s the last time we can practice before our next show. That’s dedication #PRIMATIVES 0
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the final cut of #RPIMATIVES’ demo, “HUMAN BEAST”!!! It’s dropping this weekeend! 1
#PRIMATIVES demo v2.0 This one is gonna be even better. Thank you George Decampo! 1
It begins! #FARMPARTY2014 #Fire 0
I’m so FUCKING excited for setting all this wood on fire in a few short hours #FARMPARTY2014 0
Shit is gonna get real #FARMPARTY2014 #MECHANICALBULL 0
#recordingselfie #trombonetracks #TheSickTightNastyNasty #recordingtwiceinaweek 0
With no intention of showboating, I’m very proud of the show i helped put on tonight, as well as my involved performances. So many friends being here with me made it truly special. #Gretsch thank you old friend for helping me make all this possible. And thank you my band mates, all 8 you. 1
The Sick Tight Nasty Nasty and PRIMATIVES tonight in Hanover! 0
You bet your fuckin ass I’m gonna buy these for 99¢ each @tacobell #happiness #Amelias 1
The veiw from the new #practicespace 0
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