This is an important thing to have #Marvel #research 0
I just created ice cream topping topped pizza 1
I just fit an entire 30 pack of #NattyBoh into my lil #Playmate by #iGLOO @NattyBoh 0
I built this #fire 0

So when you’re feeling jagged and you think you you’ve gone fucking mad: Salt your wounds. Feel the sting of the things you never had, the things you always wanted, and the things they said you would never be. Focus on the pain and find the strength to make your own reality.

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Playing music on a regular basis, again is changing my life. It’s the one thing I’ve always ever known that I’m good at. It’s making me love myself again. It’s making me a more confident person because there are other guys that share my passion and that makes me feel less weird for loving what i love. I am 31 years old and i know that if there’s any one thing I want to do with my short time on this planet it will be to always play music and never stop.rocking your fucking faces off.

If you’re in doubt, or feeling blue Just listen to Fu Manchu

That’s a real nice view. #clouds #CarrollCountyMD #PanoraAcres 0
Today bought these life-changing headphones for $10 bux. Just now I listened to ‘STONER WITCH’ with them. R.I.P. my eardrums. 3
I get to sleep with a #cat tonight #bedbuddy #Sawyer (at Siegel House) 1
Daddy Chuck wooing the ladies with that magical #brass. @peaceoferica @LydiaSexMachine #tuba (at Siegel House) 1
Twinzies! #WindowsPhone7 #HTCArrive 0
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    I’m watching 2014 Pro Bowl

“Where’s Tom Brady at? Is someone too good for the Pro Bowl? Is he too busy wiping his wife’s pussy?”

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